The Architect

The Architect is a Discord Bot built using the same principles and structures developed within my article series on building a Discord Bot using a Microservices Architecture. This bot expands on the stripped down version presented in my article series but it is essentially the same base code and architecture. This page will keep track of the current and planned features, as well as summary posts for the changes to the bot.

Current Features

  • Basic Filtering
  • Other Stuff

Change Cycle

Current change cycle for the application is monthly. Deployments occur each Saturday night at approximately 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented below. The format is based on Keep a Changelog and where possible I have tried to maintain a semantic versioning system in regards to changes and releases.

[UNRELEASED] - XXXX-XX-XX - Configurable Filtering

  • Process the GuildJoin Event

[0.1.1] - 2020-04-06 - Basic Message Filtering

This update contains the basic filtering of profanity using a simple word filter.


  • Basic message filtering added with values hard coded into the method

[0.1.0] - 2019-11-20 - Core Event Processing

This release contains the core event processing functionality for the Discord Bot. All available events are pushed from the Bot proxy to the Event Grid for further processing.


  • Proxy service written in Discord.Net to capture all events and send them to an Event Grid
  • Temporary watch for the !ping command and response sent back to Proxy service via Service Bus


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