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Life Updates

2020 has been a really crazy year for everyone but this post is not really going to touch on any of that, it’s been done to death elsewhere. What I do want to touch on is the massive change I have made over the last 6 months and why this blog has been by the wayside. I also want to touch on what is coming up and some general thoughts that may hopefully help others out there.

Organising Content in Hugo

It’s been a fairly long time since I have played around with Hugo, mainly because it just works and I don’t generally need to touch it. And, with the way static site generators work, I have no real need to update it unless I want to leverage new functionality. This site used to run on version 0.27 and Hugo is now up to 0.59, quite a big jump. There is a raft of functionality that has been added so I might as well take advantage of it.

Part 3 of A Gamification Mockup

In first mock up post we came up with a concept for a gamified application and in the second mock up post we fleshed out most of the application. Let’s finish off this design with the last few components and draw out what these screens might look like. Image by felipe lopez on Unsplash We left off last time with a fairly well rounded final design for the application.

Part 2 of A Gamification Mockup

In my previous post we did a little bit of a brainstorming session with the Octalysis method to come up with a concept for a gamified application around using the Agile development methodology. Let’s continue with that design. Image by Pascal on Flickr (Public Domain) Squads and Soldiers We left off with having planned out a Mission Command Centre and linked the concepts of objectives, operations, missions and tasks to the relevant agile development concepts.

Gamification Mockup with the Octalysis Method

Image by Jaciel Melnik on Unsplash Using Octalysis My last post touched on the Octalysis method of categorizing the various gamification elements that can be applied to an application to motivate users. That post had a number of comments in regards to providing more detail and information about how this is, or could be, applied to applications. I think the points that you wrote in the blog were really interesting and I can't agree more on your opinion about the badge and leaderboard.

Gamification Types - The Octalysis Method

Image by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash The Octalysis Method Annalie, one of my fellow students in the gamification unit I’m doing, recently posted a Ted Talk by Yu-Kai Chou on Gamification to improve our world that is well worth a watch. In this talk, Yu-Kai breaks down his gamification design framework he calls Octalysis. Essentially, within Octalysis there are eight core drivers:

Gamification as a form of Motivation

Image by Glenn Prince - created using the Medieval Game Button Pack by pzUH As part of, what turned out to be, a far ranging discussion with Sally Brandon, my tutor related to the Gamified Media unit I am taking this trimester, we explored some interesting topics around motivation, task management and work management practices. I found the conversation around both my own personal task management practices, as well as typical development and project management practices around managing work, really got me thinking about motivation and gamification of tasks.


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