The benefits of being a technical writer

From time to time I occasionally write technical articles on a variety of subjects. Most of my full-time work is modelling, designing and documenting solutions which involves a lot of workshops and a lot of writing. It would seem strange that I would want to go home and write some more, especially considering that for the last few weeks I have had a number of ghost-writing jobs where my name is not even attached. I thought it would be interesting to have a look at my process for writing technical articles, why I write them and why I think most technical people would benefit from writing technical articles.

How to write technical articles

I have a fairly particularly method when I am writing technical articles that may be a little more involved than other people, but I find it works for me. For most articles I find the standard introduction, method, conclusion about a single subject works the best. Using this structure, I have a fairly simple four step process to writing an article.

Step 1 - Problem statement

My first step, and sometimes the hardest, I have is coming up with a problem statement that I am going to solve as an example of implementing the technology or principle. While the general purpose of a technical article is to detail or demonstrate how to use a technology or apply a principle, you also need to be somewhat entertaining. I find having a problem statement allows you to both tell a story and provide context to help with understanding.

Step 2 - Research and Outline

The next step is

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