Hi! My name is


I am an experienced, pragmatic Solutions Architect that has helped organizations with transformational projects for the last few years. With diverse experience across development and infrastructure, I am passionate about learning new technologies and solving complex problems. I also occasionally develop web applications and write.

    What I do:

  • - Plan complex systems
  • - Try to develop software
  • - Write technical articles
  • - Whiteboard (A LOT)
Hey, It's me!
The opinions on the site are my own based on more than twenty years of misadventures in IT.

    What I like:

  • - Non-technical writing
  • - Reading (mainly SciFi)
  • - Playing games
  • - Hiking and Exploring

Blog Posts

I try to write a post each week, published on a Thursday morning, about things I did the previous week.


I also write long form technical articles that take a lot longer to develop and write. These cover a range of subjects but are mainly focused on cloud based development and technologies.

My Projects

Many of my articles are based off bigger personal projects I develop over time. I'm starting to formalize these projects more by publishing them and their change logs here.

Things I do

People occasionally hire me to do stuff for them.


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